To ensure our team and customers remain happy, we only hire outstanding people – and we retain them by providing continuing education and ongoing training. We also foster strong personal relationships with our customers based on accountability and respect. At Northwest, everything we do is tailored to meet customer needs in a courteous, professional manner – 24/7.




The company that would become Northwest Tank Lines was born in 1955 when a small trucking firm named InterCity Express began shipping loads in the Vancouver area. Back then, Bill Blaney was driving trucks in northern Ontario – hauling product for a major oil and gas company. He was also learning lessons about safety, dependability, and customer service that would stick with him forever and form the cornerstones of the company he eventually built.

In 1972, Bill struck out on his own – buying InterCity Express. He moved quickly to transform it based on his vision. Under Bill, InterCity grew in size and reputation. By 1990, under the name International Chemical Express, it was already considered one of the top bulk carriers in the region and a model for safe, efficient transport of dangerous goods.

Bill always saw the company as a family business. When he retired in 1991, he passed on the responsibility of leading Northwest to his son – Tom Blaney – who remains our CEO today. In 1996, the company acquired a natural gas liquid tank truck business and was re-branded as Northwest Tank Lines.

Today, Tom’s definition of “family business” includes not only the Blaney family but all our team members and their families as well. Together, we are Northwest Tank Lines.